we save your call
onsoft Voice Recording represents the complete
and encrypted recording and tamper-proof storage of calls.
It is 100% compliant with MiFID II...
we record your screen
onsoft Screen Capture guarantees a complete overview
of the entire interaction. All screen activity on staff PC’s
can be recorded during the conversation…
we evaluate your call
We dedicate onsoft Quality Monitoring to improving
communication quality through Speech Evaluation, the analysis of key data,
Silent Monitoring, Side-by-Side Coaching…
we analyze your call
onsoft Speech Analytics automatically detects
the information hidden in large quantities of data
through Speech-to-Text, Wordspotting…
  • Voice Recording
    we save your call
  • Screen Capture
    we record your screen
  • Quality Monitoring
    we evaluate your call
  • Speech Analiytcs
    we analyse your call


onsoft systems are used with great success by innovative and well-known companies.

Large, mid-range and small businesses for whom telephone-based customer communication play a dominant role use our systems for monitoring and quality improvement…


Besides providing complete call recording and tamper-proof storage, onsoft provides sophisticated Quality Monitoring.

onsoft Quality Monitoring optimises business processes through Speech Analytics, Screen Capture, Silent Monitoring, the generation of reports, Call Evaluation…


We work hand in hand with our partners.

The know-how of selected partners supplements our core capabilities, allowing us to offer our customers optimised quality monitoring systems. Our forces combined, we respond to your needs with speed and competence.

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