About us
Welcome to onsoft, experts in call recording and quality monitoring in customer communication. Based in Berlin, we have been successfully developing systems for the monitoring and optimization of customer communication quality in various contexts for over 20 years. Over this period, we have primarily worked with call centres, financial organisations and service-providers, and emergency call centres.  

The specific needs of the customer lie at the heart of our work. We use the latest technology in order to implement every project according to the individual needs of each customer. Whether it is the legally admissible, tamper-proof documentation of communications and screen activity, content search of data sets using speech analysis, or call evaluation: onsoft will prove to be a capable partner in increasing the quality of your customer communication.
The onsoft story
onsoft is a reliable partner and long-established on the market. Always at the cutting edge of technology, we have had to meet many technological challenges which are now, in retrospect, integral elements in telecommunications history. When Germany went through the installation of ISDN infrastructure and the transition from analogue to digital technology, there were still frequent and complex connectivity problems which technicians were unable to diagnose and solve. onsoft enthusiastically took up the challenge and developed an innovative ISDN device for the monitoring of company lines in order to instantly identify errors. Still a young company at the time, we sold 2,500 of these devices – a great commercial success which spurred us on to develop even more high-quality and innovative solutions to the point of market-readiness.
An early success was our KPN project for the European World Cup in 2000, which took place in eight stadia in the Netherlands and Belgium. News reporters were provided with 60 ISDN lines which were to be allocated and subsequently billed as required. We were the only contractor capable of fulfilling all the requirements, such as logging call data locally and then transmitting it to the control centre for billing purposes.
Being innovators, very early on we realised that existing telecommunications technology could no longer exist without IT. In our field, telecommunications and IT were merging. For this reason, we increased our deployment of IP technologies. An important milestone in the history of our company was our cooperation with the British IT company North Supply, a partner for whom we developed a call recording system to be used by British Telecom. What began as a simple recording system has since 2002 developed into a sophisticated and intelligent system, by means of which the quality of customer interactions can be measured, evaluated and optimised.

Since then, onsoft has made over 1,500 installations in Great Britain alone, and our customers are to be found in Germany, as well as all over the rest of Europe. As a result of our successful market entry in Turkey, we established a branch in Istanbul, which already counts large banks and call centres amongst its customers. We still have many plans and are curious to see what the future brings. Whether your business is based in Germany, Turkey, Great Britain or elsewhere, in onsoft, you will find a reliable partner in call recoding and the quality monitoring of business communication. 
Discover the spirit of onsoft: we are more than happy to share our knowledge and our experiences with you. Our company is like a second family to us and our customers are our personal guests. You will always find yourself welcome at onsoft, and your individual wishes and requirements are central to our work. The high quality solutions which we have been able to develop over the past 20 years are the result of our customers providing us with a great number of very specific requests.
Give us a challenge! Put us to the test with something tricky!
We are always happy to be able to demonstrate our competence and we will not rest until together we have reached the desired goal. Thanks to friendly, reliable and quick communication both inside and outside our company, we can also make your project a success – that’s a promise! We are proud of our specialist knowledge and our long years of experience, but it is only the ambitious demands of our customers’ projects which allow us to continue to evolve. Such challenges refresh our ability to innovate, which is what we enjoy doing most.