Success stories

Case study and success story: T.D.M. Telefon-Direkt-Marketing GmbH

T.D.M. represents dialogue management at the highest level. T.D.M. supports its customers from the first acquisition of new customers, through customer retention, to training and mailing services. It also provides professional solutions for the dialogue management of inbound services.
Reliable and success-orientated cooperation is ensured by telephone marketing know-how derived from over 30 years of practice in their own agency, with an emphasis on telephone marketing for products requiring explanation as well as technical products and services. Where others throw up their arms, T.D.M. roll up their sleeves. Thus, through specialization in T.D.M. technical products requiring explanation and services, T.D.M. has continued to grow.

Quality in dialogue and the situation before the solution
The philosophy of T.D.M. can be summarised in three words: Quality in dialogue. In accordance with this, great emphasis is put upon quality in customer service. In order to continue to fulfil this aim, five years ago T.D.M. became interested in being able to implement call recording and Quality Monitoring when required. Besides recording calls for legal purposes, the aim was to classify calls by project and agent and make them available to the quality control department and to coaches for evaluation purposes. Using the existing recording solution, which had been installed by a third party, T.D.M. was able to record all incoming and outgoing calls trunk-side. In addition, an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system was used to distribute calls internally. However, the allocation of recordings by agent ID and extension, was not free of errors.
The desired ability to record campaigns and agents as required, and to record outgoing calls once consent had been given, appeared not to be possible in the form that the client needed.

The solution
An intense conversation at Call Centre World 2014 brought T.D.M. and onsoft technologies gmbh into contact with each other. onsoft offered to install a test system and accompanied this installation from the very beginning of the test phase with active, competent advice and interface adjustments. Through close cooperation with T.D.M. and the ACD supplier, onsoft was able to bring the test phase to a successful conclusion.
Calls which were to be recorded could be planned in advance, recorded and clearly assigned to agents and extensions. The proper allocation of telephone number suppression to calls was also implemented. In addition, it also became possible to only record the agent’s side of the conversation through separated two-channel recording, for cases such as those where consent had not (yet) been given. 

In addition to correctly assigning calls by agent and group, we were also able to fulfil a number of other wishes over the course of the test phase, such as detailed recording plans with the number and timing of the calls to be recorded assigned by campaign and / or agent.
The wish-list was completed with the achievement of the final aim of recording outbound calls once customers had given their consent. 

Quality Monitoring
The onsoft Quality Monitoring solution which was implemented permits Live Listening (also known as Silent Listening), Agent Desk and Agent Evaluation. With Live Monitoring, the authorised supervisor can listen in to on-going calls without the knowledge of the customer. A chat function, integrated into live listening, allows communication between the agent and their supervisor. In this manner, the supervisor is able to give the agent suggestions, or the agent can ask his supervisor for advice using a chat function.
Calls can be planned according to external and internal requirements and recorded with onsoft LDC Call Recorder.Calls are available to T.D.M. in the Agent Evaluation System for evaluation by team leaders and quality control. A filter function allows the pre-selection of calls with particular characteristics. Project-specific evaluation forms can quickly be generated in accordance with call guidelines. If required, the system can randomly select a sample of the pre-selected calls for evaluation. The evaluation process can be managed, reports on agent and campaign performance can be rapidly generated and quality control can be carried out in a timely manner. The results of the analysis can, if so desired, be sent to relevant members of staff in the form of reports, evaluation results and a recording of the call itself.

Added value with the onsoft solution
Of all the providers consulted, onsoft was the only one which was able to fulfil the requirements established by T.D.M. – onsoft also fully understood the T.D.M. philosophy and put it into practice through close cooperation. 
onsoft has proven itself to be an extremely reliable partner. Their obliging, efficient and solution-focused approach to work has won us over. 
Christian Mader, IT Administration
Both we and our clients have very high standards concerning our level of service, and always seek to produce the best quality of work. Every project can be a challenge. This is where onsoft has shown itself to be a very reliable partner. With specialist and technical knowledge, onsoft has been able to accompany us from consultation, through the joint generation of solutions to rapid and successful implementation. Together, we have been able to meet all challenges in call recording and Quality Monitoring in the best possible way and within the timeframes set. 
Dietmar Klug, Management Board

onsoft konnte unsere Forderungen an Quality Monitoring stets bestens erfüllen. So konnten wir die Qualität unseres Kundendienstes verbessern und unsere Kundenzufriedenheit wesentlich erhöhen.
Ursula Singer, Training und Coaching Department